In Europe, New Protest Over Google

European antitrust regulators have received a formal complaint about Google’s Android operating system for mobile devices, even as they move to the final stages of their inquiry into the company’s search practices.The complaint was filed by Fairsearch Europe, a group of Google’s competitors, including the mobile phone maker Nokia and the software titan Microsoft, and by other companies, like Oracle. It accuses Google of using the Android software “as a deceptive way to build advantages for key Google apps in 70 percent of the smartphones shipped today,” said Thomas Vinje, the lead lawyer for Fairsearch Europe, referring to Android’s share of the smartphone market. see:Google faces complaint to European regulator over ‘predatory pricing’
Google’s provision of its Android operating system for free is anti-competitive “predatory pricing”, according to a complaint filed with European regulators by Fairsearch Europe, a group whose members include bitter rival Microsoft.The group says Android is “a deceptive way to build advantages” which aims to “dominate the mobile marketplace and cement its control over consumer internet data for online advertising as usage shifts to mobile”. of Google Rivals Complains To Europe over Android Bundling
A collection of tech companies has filed a complaint with European regulators charging Google’s Android practices violate antitrust laws there.The 17-member coalition, which includes Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, TripAdvisor and Expedia, said that Google “uses deceptive conduct to lockout competition in mobile.” now facing antitrust scrutiny in Europe over Android
Google is facing a fresh round of antitrust scrutiny from the European Union, this time for Android.The revelation emerges as the Web giant tries to resolve EU charges related to how it displays search results, which critics say favor the company’s own services over those of its competitors.

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