Improving Global Engagement: ICANN Globalisation Survey

ICANN logoICANN published today a survey to solicit community input on improving its effectiveness as a global organization. ICANN has community participants and leaders from all regions of the world, and is seeking ways to make enhancements to its performance as a global organization.

The feedback collected from the survey will help inform ICANN‘s strategy for improving its global engagement. By identifying the activities that are most important toward fully reflecting the global nature of ICANN‘s mission, it will also help to establish priorities for next steps.

The survey is available in all of the UN languages, and feedback is encouraged from stakeholders in all regions.

Take the survey:

The survey is designed to:

  1. Help ICANN understand its relative strengths and challenges as a global participant;
  2. Evaluate ICANNs major organizational functions/processes and the extent to which they can be leveraged to improve ICANNs effectiveness and reputation globally; and
  3. Assist ICANN in prioritizing initiatives that will improve its effectiveness as a global organization.

The survey results will be shared with the ICANN community, and additional opportunities will be made available to comment before any actions are formalized and implemented.

The survey is open until 22 April 2012.

Questions may be sent to

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