Improved Security for .CH Domains

SWITCH logoSwiss websites are now more secure following moves by the registry, SWITCH, to introduce new and improved security measures from 25 November to help prevent the spread of malicious software on websites using .CH domain names.

Websites using .CH domain names are among the most secure in the world going by the recent Mapping the Mal Web: The world’s riskiest domains report from McAfee. Despite this, an increasing number of .CH and .LI websites are spreading malicious software, so-called malware. SWITCH views this is a growing problem.

“Each week we receive more than a hundred notifications of websites infecting other computers with malware”, says Dr. Serge Droz, Head of the Security Division at SWITCH.

On 25 November SWITCH’s Security Division introduced new procedures to combat malware. These new procedures involve checking notifications SWITCH receives about websites spreading malware. If the registry finds malicious websites, they will contact the domain holder and the operator (provider) and ask them to resolve the problem. If no action is taken within one working day, SWITCH will block the internet address.

“We will only remove a website from the web in an emergency. The aim is for the malicious site to be cleaned up rapidly”, explains Serge Droz. This consistent approach will make a key contribution to maintaining the high security standard for Swiss internet addresses.

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