Implementing a Domain Name Strategy – What Every Business and IP Owner Should Know

Traverse Legal asks “Have you implemented a domain name strategy?” The reason they ask this questions is “Many established businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups fail to account for their use of domain names in their general business planning. A comprehensive and effective domain name strategy can often boost profits and extend your marketing to new niches, all while defending from would-be cybersquatters and others that would seek to cash in on your business’s goodwill. An effective domain name strategy consists of a plan to protect your trademarks in domain names, to register generic domain names related to your business niche, to defensively register domain names similar to your trademarks, to monitor for confusingly similar domain names, and to handle cybersquatters and typosquatters through legal and extra-legal means.”The first important aspect of any strategy is the online protection of trademarks in domain names and Traverse suggest having an availability search of domain names you should consider registering by a trademark lawyer. They also suggest “Businesses should also consider the registration of generic or descriptive domain names related to their business” as well as defensive domain name registrations to mitigate cybersquatting”. Their final suggestion is that “businesses should also have a plan for handling cybersquatting.”The article concludes “If you are interested in implementing a domain name strategy, please contact a domain name attorney who can create a plan that is comprehensive, efficient, and tailored toward your individual needs.”To read the article in full, with more details on Traverse Legal’s suggested strategy, see

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