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[news release] FICORA has surveyed the interestness of private persons towards the fi-domain name and what their image of the fi-domain name is. The survey was implemented by an e-mail questionnaire sent to current customers and a questionnaire intended to potential customers on two websites ( and

According to the results, the current customers mentioned the following reasons as the most important ones for getting a fi-domain name: own name is shown in the address of the home page and e-mail, hobby-related communications, using the domain name for the purposes of small business operations.

Customers base their choice of fi-domain name on the Finnish origin, credibility and efficient functions of the fi-domain name.

More than a third of the survey respondents who are not domain name holders regarded it somewhat likely that they would get one for themselves in the future. Over half of them are likely to select the fi-domain name.

Market Survey [PDF, 523 KB]

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