Illegal filesharing crackdown launched by UK government

The government is pledging to combat internet piracy in the UK with a series of drastic new measures, including £50,000 fines for those found guilty of illegal filesharing. The move is being pushed through by Lord Mandelson, the business secretary, in a bid to deter the estimated seven million people who illegally share films, music and games online in the UK.It has been reported that the new measures, which include severing the internet connection of anyone suspected of illegal filesharing, came after Mandelson dined with record and film executive David Geffen earlier this month. A spokesperson for the Department of Business denied that Geffen, a vocal critic of internet piracy, had influenced the proposals and pointed to the recent Digital Britain report, which recommended persistent offenders be fined or cut off. It is thought the results of the survey will be mentioned in the Queen’s speech later this year. see:Lord Mandelson calls for internet piracy crackdown : Tougher penalties including fines for parents
Business Secretary Lord Mandelson is calling for tougher penalties for illegal downloaders, including fining the parents of children caught illegally file swapping.Mandelson heads the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, which has taken over responsibility for implementing the schemes documented in the Digital Britain report earlier this year.

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