.IL Now Allows Registrations Up To 5 Years

ISOC-IL announced via a news release last week that registrants of domain names for Israel’s ccTLD are now able to register and renew .il domain names for up to 5 years. Previously the options were for one or 2 years.

The change occurred on 1 January 2020, but this is the first public announcement of the change. ISOC-IL, the registry, says the change benefits Israeli domain name holders, minimising the chance of losing the rights to the domain name.

As of today, the Israeli domain name registry managed by ISOC-IL holds close to 250,000 .il domain names. Similar to the situation in most countries, a non-profit technological body runs Israel’s national registry. The Israel Internet Association oversees the activities of local registrars authorised to register the domain names in practice. This model ensures equal access and impartial allocation of resources, free of commercial or other considerations, for all applicants interested in registering a domain name.

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