iiNet ruling due next week in Australian copyright case

The Federal Court has moved swiftly to hand down its ruling on a landmark internet copyright battle between Perth ISP iiNet and a group of Hollywood giants.Both parties said that they did not expected a ruling on the mountain of technical evidence presented in the trial to emerge for at least a year as it drew to an end last November, but the court today announced that Justice Dennis Cowdroy would hand down his decision next week.To read this report in The Australian in full, see: see:AFACT v iiNet: One week to judgment day
9:30 am. Court Room 18C. Federal Court of Australia, New South Wales Registry. February 4, 2010.Judgment day on the historic civil action between a host of Hollywood film Studios – as represented by Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT ) – and Internet Service Provider (ISP) iiNet, is fast approaching.The timing of the verdict in the much-publicised case was unclear only two weeks ago, but the Commonwealth Courts website has advertised next week’s hearing date, earlier than many in the industry expected. Piracy letter campaign ‘nets innocents’
More than 150 people have approached consumer publication Which? Computing claiming to have been wrongly targeted in crackdowns on illegal file-sharing.ACS:Law has sent thousands of letters to people claiming they have illegally downloaded material and offers them a chance to settle by paying around £500.Which? says it has been approached by some – including a 78 year-old accused of downloading pornography – who have no knowledge of the alleged offence.

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