IGF Preparatory Meeting: A Score Draw in Geneva

Wednesday was the open public consultation preparing for the second meeting of the Internet Governance Forum, which will take place in Rio de Janaeiro on 12th-15th November. Although the inaugural Athens meeting was widely deemed a success, having largely stayed off the dread topics of wresting control of DNS from ICANN and IP addressing from the RIRs, the usual suspects were back demanding that these topics be added to the agenda.The article concludes “all sides could leave the day thinking they had achieved something by showing up, and were left with both positive and defensive reasons for needing to participate in the main meeting in Rio. Which probably means the real prize for the day was won by Chairman Nintin Desai; well, you don’t get to his position without showing some rather extraordinary diplomatic skills.”http://www.circleid.com/posts/igf_preparatory_meeting_geneva/

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