IGF 2007: Rio here we come

The first IGF was widely hailed a success reports The Register, noting it “was an undeniably huge achievement to get the Chinese government in the same room as Amnesty International, and then to get them talking.” Less than one sixth of attendees were from the private sector, with Markus Kummer attributing this to them being “rather reluctant partners. They did not go into this adventure with great enthusiasm, it was more ‘ok, let’s go for a damage limitation agenda’, but they came out of it more enthusiastically.” While support from the private sector, such as from Microsoft and Google, is reluctant, if at all, there is some support from government – the UK has given £23,000 and the Swiss have donated $500,000. In the UK Nominet has been the biggest supporter with their “Best Practice Challenge”. This “encourages firms to compete for Nominet to showcase their work on openness, access, diversity, and security.”

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