If Only a Simple Gadget Rating Could Save Us from Cyberattack

Suggestions that a security score be awarded to connected devices is a lovely idea that would be almost impossible to implement.

In these hyper-connected days, where every Internet-enabled device appears to be corralled by criminals to carry out cyberattacks, wouldn’t it be great to find a little peace of mind?

Wouldn’t it be nice, say, if every time you went to buy a gadget, a little sticker told you just how secure the device was, so you could make a purchase safe in the knowledge that you were doing the best you could to keep your devices from being hijacked? It might at least ease the headaches of many consumers, who have found their routers and smart baby monitors and Wi-Fi printers hacked, as they look to add add smart refrigerators and washing machines and whatever else to their battery of connected domestic devices.

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