IEDR Releases More Hyped Statistics

IEDR logoMichele Neylon is not very impressed with IEDR and their latest announcement. Neylon says “[t]he IEDR has obviously released some form of press release in the last few days to put a spin on its latest figures. Of course the press release isn’t on the registry’s website nor has it been sent to stakeholders yet again, though I was able to get my hands on a copy of it via a 3rd party.”
In the news release, still not available on their website, Michele has problems with the claims of the price reductions that IEDR claim has led to more businesses and sole traders to get online. Michele notes this “is the wholesale price NOT the retail price. The retail price is set by the registrars not the registry and for the registry to make these kind of comments about pricing is inappropriate.”

To read Michele’s criticism of the IEDR announcement, see his blog at