IEDR reigns king of domains

In recent weeks, the IE Domain Registry (IEDR) passed the 100,000 mark in the number of .ie domains registered. is chief executive of the IEDR. You describe the IEDR as a ‘managed’ registry. What does this mean versus the general ‘.com’ domain? We have controls in place to ensure the person or firm applying for a specific .ie domain versus a .com domain is entitled to that address.

This means there is less likelihood of cybercrime and fraud emerging from Ireland.

The ease by which you can obtain a .com domain address means you can’t be certain of who is behind that address; they are more anonymous and impossible to identify.

A recent study by McAfee found that when it comes to domains, people are more likely to submit their email to addresses they trust and on this factor Ireland comes out favourably.

The result is that a .ie address is considered a safer place to be for kids and consumers than a .com one.

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