IEDR reduces price of .ie domain names

IEDR logoThe IE Domain Registry (IEDR), who manages the .ie ccTLD, this week announced a 5.8 per cent price reduction for registering or renewing a .ie domain name, with effect from the 1st January 2008. This latest price reduction represents the fifth annual consecutive price reduction introduced by the IEDR, reducing the price of a .ie domain name by 48% since 2003.

.ie say the price reduction has been introduced as a result of continued growth in registrations and the IEDR’s focus on cost control. Registrations have now passed 92,000 domain names, representing a net 29% increase since January 2007. While the penetration rate for .ie domain names is not among the highest due to the restrictions on eligibility for registration, it does rank highly from a security point of view. .ie was ranked the second safest country code domain namespace in the world by the McAfee Site Advisor Report in 2007.

“Since 2003 the IEDR has introduced five price reductions, reducing the direct price of a dot-ie domain by 48%. This demonstrates the IEDR’s commitment to offer value for money to consumers. The reductions have been feasible due to strong registration growth and the IEDR’s focus on reducing costs, while simultaneously making significant investment in the domain infrastructure and registration system improvements. Dot-ie domain names are now better, faster, cheaper and more secure than ever before,” said David Curtin, Chief Executive of the IEDR.

“We are very pleased with the continued strong growth of dot-ie registrations. I would like to particularly commend the efforts of dot-ie resellers who in 2007 have delivered new registration growth of 29% compared to 2006 and who have continued to promote and enhance the .ie brand. As a result, the dot-ie domain name remains the Irish domain market leader with a 40% market share,” Mr Curtin continued.

Late last year IEDR introduced personal domain names, domain names for individuals, on October 31, 2007, and this has also contributed to the increase. In the month following this launch domain registrations were almost 3,900, the first time registrations has passed 3,000 registrations for one month.

In another .ie news, Michele Neylon has discovered IEDR has engaged in “a private discussion forum for accredited IEDR resellers in the last few days.” Michele notes activity on the forum has not been overly active, but notes this is a very positive development.

To register your .ie domain name, Europe Registry would be pleased to help you. You can check out the Europe Registry website here.