.IE domain names selling like hotcakes

The IE Domain Registry (IEDR), which manages .ie web domain names for Ireland, said that registrations rose 29pc in 2007. A non-profit organisation, the IEDR said it posted turnover of €2.3m in 2007, and a surplus of €523,000. During the year, the IEDR relaxed registration rules to allow individuals to register personal .ie domains.

Even as an individual registering a .IE domain name you still must send in requirements that meet registry requirments. As stated in past articles at domain pulse they are one of the safest domain names on the internet. IEDR registry have set up so many different catergories to register your .IE domain name the list can be found :


My experience with the registry is that they are very organized very friendly and extremely efficient this would explain the high success that IEDR has reached.

To read the initial article : http://www.independent.ie/business/world/big-rise-in-ie-domain-names-1430019.html