ie: Alert re Database / Advertisement Registration letters

IEDR logoIEDR are advising registrants and registrars it has once again come to their attention that a company operating under the name “Internet Register Ireland” is contacting businesses with registered .ie domain names by post and by fax, soliciting domain holders to register their domain name with the “Internet Register Ireland”.

Internet Register Ireland” requests a form to completed and signed and then returned to them. IEDR advises “Internet Register Ireland” charges what they call an excessive fee, and what I’d call an exorbitant fee, of approx €958 for the registration of your domain name in their database. The “Internet Register Ireland” previously operated the same practice in Ireland in late November 2006 and have been operating similar schemes throughout Europe and Canada throughout the past year.

IEDR want to reassure all of their customers that no such organisation has been authorised to act on behalf of the IEDR. If you are contacted in this manner we would recommend that you disregard this letter and advise anyone you know who owns a domain name of this activity.

IEDR advise if, as a registrant of a .ie domain name, you require services for your domain name, you to contact an official IE Reseller.

Please click here for a list of recommended IE Resellers who can help your Internet requirements.