IDC: Android continues to rule the smartphone world in Q2 2012

Last week Zack wrote about the IDC figures for mobile phone vendors and today IDC issued their report on smartphone mobile operating systems. The IDC figures closely match those from Canalys reported last week with Android clearly dominating the smartphone market while Apple remains solidly in second place.Android remains at 68.1 percent with iOS at 16.9 percent, according to IDC, while Canalys had these figures at 68.1 percent and 16.4 percent. BlackBerry follows closely in third with Symbian right on their heels. Windows Phone is trending up, but figures still show 3.5 percent with some Windows Mobile sales still included in this figure.To continue reading this ZDNet report, go to: see:Android extends smartphone dominance over iPhone [AP]
Got an iPhone? You’re in the minority.There were four Android phones for every iPhone shipped in the second quarter, research firm IDC said today. That’s up from a ratio of 2.5 to 1 in the same period last year.The success of Samsung’s Android phones helped Google’s operating system extend its dominance in the smartphone market.

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