Iceland considers pornography ban

Iceland could become the first Western democracy to attempt censorship of the internet under radical proposals to block online pornography.The government is considering introducing internet filters, such as those used to block China off form the worldwide web, in order to stop Icelanders downloading or viewing pornography on the internet. see:Iceland’s bid to ban web porn: Nation could become first western country to block filth over fears of effects on children
Iceland could become the first Western democracy to block all internet porn under radical new proposals.Fears about the damaging effects on children have led the government to work on legal measures to try and stop the flood of graphic sexual material reaching the island’s shores. contemplates a ban on Internet pornography
Iceland may no longer be an amiable place for committed fans of online smut: the government of the European island-nation is now contemplating a wholesale ban on Internet pornography, to be accomplished with the use of China-style filters.Why ban what is, admittedly, one of the planet’s more profitable online endeavors? The Icelandic government says that it’s due to concerns over its effect on young people and on the welfare of women, wrote the Telegraph.

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