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Ice Baby! Rockets To Top of Yearly Sales Chart in Week of 5 6-Figure Sales

Domain Name Journal logoThe sale of last month for a whopping $3.5 million, brokered by Grit Brokerage/Brannans, to Intercontinental Exchange, who currently use as their home online and where is currently redirecting, was the top reported domain name sale for the week ending 15 July.

According to the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales of all time, a chart that has been compiled since 2003, it would be the 14th biggest sale ever and the biggest since the November 2016 sale of for CNY ¥26,000,000 (then $3,770,000). The largest reported sale to date is, which sold for $13 million.

Coming in a tie for second was the sale of and, brokered by the Buckley Media Group, for $502,225 each. In practically any other week these 2 sales would have come in first. But this wasn’t any other week! But the 6-figure sales don’t end there. There were 2 more with the sale of and in private sales, selling for $325,000 and $310,000 respectively.

On the aftermarket side of things, Sedo then took out places 6 to 19, which was 14 sales for the week. On the TLD side of things, .com dominated more than usual with 16 sales and one each for, .co, .de and .org.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 15 July in more detail, go to: