ICANN's Nairobi Meeting To Go Ahead Despite Security Concerns

ICANN Nairobi Meeting logoFollowing a special meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors on Friday, Rod Beckstrom, ICANN’s CEO, has announced via a posting on the ICANN blog that the Nairobi meeting will go ahead as planned in March.
It had been heavily rumoured the meeting would not go ahead, with alternatives including cities in Russia, Tunisia and the US being considered.
However the concerns came to nought following the meeting. Following a re-examination of the security issues, and the option of moving the meeting out of the downtown Nairobi area to a suburb, but no suitable venue was available, the CEO recommended to the board that the meeting go ahead, but with additional measures to be taken to deal with security issues.
The posting by Beckstrom on the ICANN blog is available at:
To read Domain Pulse’s earlier posting on the possibility of moving the meeting and the security concerns, see: