ICANNS GAC expectations

The GAC has more than a hundred members, all government representatives for countries from Argentina to Yemen. GAC chair Janis Klarklins, from Latvia, is his country’s ambassador to France. As a further measure of the GAC’s importance within ICANN, it is worth noting that Klarklins’ predecessor as GAC chair was none other than current ICANN CEO Paul Twomey.

What are your expectations for the Paris meeting with at least three important topics: the JPA, IDNs and new extensions?
You’ve just mentioned the three main issues and I expect we’ll make progress on all three of them. For the GAC there are two questions of particular importance. There’s the IDN ccTLD fast track procedure, which we hope we’ll be able to endorse and send to the board for further consideration. There’s also the report from the president’s strategy committee on possible avenues of evolution for ICANN. As usual we’ll also be discussing the IPv4/IPv6 transition and what the governments’ role should be in promoting IPv6 and rolling out IPv6.

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