ICANN’s At-Large Process: Exit, Without Voice by Wendy Seltzer

Thomas Roessler and Patrick Vande Walle are supposedly frustrated “at interference and infighting in the formation of the European Regional At-Large Organization”. Roessler “suggests it’s ‘Time to Reconsider’ the structure of ICANN’s At-Large, as he feels compelled to promise himself not to get involved with ICANN again.” While Vande Walle is “concerned that a push for ‘diversity’ became a stereotyped exclusion of experienced participants.” Seltzer claims ICANN needs people such as Roessler and Vande Walle as they’ve “good ideas about how to respond to the public interest in domain name management. But, controlled by commercial interests who’d rather raise prices on their domain-name monopolies or shield trademarks against potential dilution, ICANN doesn’t have the inclination to listen to the individuals who make up the public.”

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