ICANN: Webinar: Briefing About the Upcoming Review of the GNSO

ICANN logoYou are invited to a webinar regarding the upcoming Review of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO). This briefing will provide the GNSO community with information about the GNSO review process, collect feedback from the community and answer questions concerning this process.The webinar will be recorded and available for those who may not be able to join the session live.

Date: Wednesday, 7 May 2014 Time: 13:00-14:00 UTC (time converter: goo.gl/4hjOpb)

Review of Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO)

The objective of the Review is to examine organizational effectiveness of the GNSO, including its structure components (GNSO Council, GNSO Working Groups, GNSO Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies). The review will be tightly scoped based on objective and quantifiable criteria provided to the independent examiner.

The work methods are expected to include the examination of documentation, records and reports; outcomes from the 360 Assessment; and limited interviews. The 360 Assessment is an online mechanism to collect and summarize feedback from members of the GNSO community — a “self-review” relative to objective and quantifiable criteria. Interested members of other ICANN organizations, Board and staff also may offer feedback. Relevant assessments of the Second Accountability and Transparency Review Team 1 regarding the GNSO policy development process will be factored into the review.

GNSO and community participation

Involvement of the GNSO community as well as input and participation from the broader community are important components of this review process.

As discussed in GNSO Council meetings, the Structural Improvements Committee (SIC) is requesting that a GNSO Review Working Party be assembled to function as a liaison between the GNSO, the independent examiner and the SIC, to provide input on review criteria and the 360 Assessment, coordinate interviews and objectively supply clarification and responses to the draft findings and recommendations. Once a final report is issued and the Board takes action on it, as appropriate, the GNSO Review Working Party is expected to coordinate with the GNSO community to prepare an Implementation Plan and champion implementation of improvement activities. More information about this will be provided shortly.

Review Criteria

Objective and quantifiable criteria will cover the following areas:

  • Achievement of mission, compliance with agreed upon rules and processes
  • Accountability and transparency to the public
  • Membership processes and participation
  • Structural support toward achievement of mission
  • Governance and management: effectiveness of execution
  • Quality and evaluation/measurement of outcomes
  • Communication
  • Effectiveness of implementation of prior review recommendations

Webinar Details

Please join the webinar on Wednesday, 7 May 2014 at 13:00-14:00 UTC (time converter: http://goo.gl/4hjOpb). The webinar will be recorded and available for those who may not be able to join the session live.

The webinar will be run in an Adobe Connect room with a brief slide presentation to frame interactive discussion, along with a dial-in conference bridge for audio. The session will be conducted in English.

Please register via email to matt.ashtiani@icann.org by Tuesday, 6 May 2014 – 23:59 UTC to receive the dial-in details. A reminder with log-in and dial-in details will be sent to you prior to the call.

Webinar Materials

Wednesday, 7 May 2014:

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