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ICANN Signs Trademark Clearinghouse Agreement With Deloitte

In his latest post on the ICANN blog, ICANN’s CEO and president Fadi Chehadé has announced the organisation has signed an agreement with Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services to be the first provider of validation services for the Trademark Clearinghouse.There is also continuing progress with IBM for the provision of database services Chehadé wrote, as well as that ICANN has received multiple submissions in response to the RFI on the Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) implementation that are within the target price range with an announcement due shortly.On the Trademark Clearinghouse agreement, Chehadé outlined the terms of the agreement, these being:

  • ICANN retains all intellectual property rights in the Trademark Clearinghouse data. (Note this is as between ICANN and Deloitte. ICANN claims no intellectual property rights with respect to user data.)
  • Deloitte’s validation services are to be non-exclusive. ICANN may add additional validators after a threshold of minimum stability is met.
  • Trademark submission fees are capped at USD 150 per record per year. Discounts are available for bulk & multi-year submissions.
  • IBM will charge Deloitte for database access via an application processing interface (API).
  • ICANN may audit Deloitte’s performance (and revenues/costs) to confirm that the costs and fees for validation services are reasonable.

On the provision for database services, Chehadé noted the highlights as being:

  • IBM will maintain the Trademark Clearinghouse Database.
  • Data will be imported to the Database within three hours of receipt from a Validator.
  • IBM will be available 24 x 7 for high severity incidents impacting the operability of the database.
  • ICANN will receive all intellectual property rights necessary for transition to a new database provider.
  • IBM will charge registries and registrars for real-time access to the database during the sunrise and claims periods. The fee structure remains under consideration.