ICANN to fast-track IDNs

ICANN have announced they will fast track Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) according to a recent story in CNet. The story goes on to say ICANN has launched its campaign to provide internationalised ccTLDs–those that don’t use Latin characters–as soon as possible with the help of the Country Code Names Supporting Organization, an ICANN policy development body for ccTLD issues.”A lot of hard work has been done on IDNs (internationalized domain names) and there is a technical evaluation of their impact…going on as we speak,” ccNSO Chairman Chris Disspain said in a statement.”The next step is to develop the policies that will see the creation of new top-level domains in characters from the languages of the world,” Disspain said.ICANN’s board approved the establishment of an IDN working group at a meeting in Los Angeles earlier this month.”The goal behind the fast-track process is to find a way to represent territory identifications in their local languages in operation as ccTLDs as quickly as possible,” said Disspain.The full story can be read in CNet with more of Chris Disspain’s comments at www.news.com/2100-1028_3-6218649.html