ICANN to discuss new top level domains issues in Hong Kong

The consultation sessions ICANN is holding around the world and the topics discussed are the subject of an article from Computerworld Hong Kong.”Corporations with large portfolios of domain names are still pushing for a go-slow approach and more protection for trademark owners to prevent cybersquatting and other deceptive practices such as phishing,” the report notes.”In addition, leading registries are arguing for the continued separation of back-end and retail domain name operations. ICANN also faces criticism about the fees it plans to charge new gTLD applicants.”Proposals that could allow for registrars to perform registry functions for new gTLDs are criticised by Alexa Raad from PIR, one of three registries that oppose the move “arguing that it will lead to fewer retailers, higher prices and less protection for sensitive information.””Allowing Registry-Registrar cross-ownership is a major decision that could have a massive and far reaching negative impact on the Internet, end users and the entire ICANN community,” Alexa Raad, CEO of PIR, said in a written response. “The separation of functions performed by Registries and Registrars has been a proven and successful model in generating competition. The end result of allowing cross-ownership would be further consolidation of the top tier registrars, gaming of the loopholes in the current registry contracts and limited remedies for those suffering abuses, who will be dependent solely on ICANN or national courts to enforce their trademark rights.”However “Network Solutions and Demand Media, registrars that argue that it’s anti-competitive for the existing registries such as Afilias and NeuStar to prevent newcomers into the back-end registry operations business.”To read this Network World report in full, see:

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