ICANN to Convene Annual Asia Pacific Regional Registry/Registrar Event

On 26-27 August 2010, ICANN and its gTLD registration services providers will meet in Tokyo, Japan, writes Craig Schwartz on the ICANN Blog. These regional events, the blog posting continues, have been convened by ICANN on an annual basis in the Asia/Pacific, Europe and North America since 2006 and are a chance for ICANN staff and representatives from gTLD registries and ICANN-accredited registrars to meet informally to discuss topics important to our industry and business relationships.Some of the anticipated agenda items are:

  • New RAA Implementation
  • Developments in Contractual Compliance
  • Developments in GNSO Policy Initiatives
  • Developments in Security Initiatives
  • Registry Transition Procedures
  • Terminated Registrar Transition Process

To read this blog posting in full and for more information, see:

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