ICANN: Three Registrars Lose Accreditation

ICANN logoSouth America Domains Ltd doing business as namefrog.com, Simply Named Inc (SimplyNamed.com) and Tahoe Domains Inc have not had their Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) renewed upon expiration for failure to comply with the requirements of the RAA.

Letters have been sent to each registrar outlining the decision and reason behind the decision.

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Letter to South American Domains
icann.org/correspondence/burnette-to-friedman-30jul09-en.pdf [PDF, 229K]

Letter to Simply Named
icann.org/correspondence/burnette-to-pearcy-30jul09-en.pdf [PDF, 205K]

Letter to Tahoe Domains
icann.org/correspondence/burnette-to-ball-30jul09-en.pdf [PDF, 229K]

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