ICANN Releases Results of ICANN58 Survey

ICANN logoOn 3 April 2017, ICANN published the findings of the ICANN58 Community Forum survey. At the end of every ICANN Public Meeting, we ask participants to rate the sessions, facilities, networking opportunities and format of the meeting.

The survey report includes:

  • Executive summary
  • Charts showing results of each survey question
  • Excerpts of the written comments

Our goal is to improve the data we collect, and to look for trends by comparing meeting data over time. This information gives us greater insights into how we are meeting the needs of attendees, and informs the kinds of changes we need to make.

Thank you to participants who completed the survey. We appreciate your feedback.

Click on this link [PDF, 1.25 MB] to download the full ICANN58 Community Feedback report.

If you have questions, please email: mts@icann.org.

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