ICANN: Request for Information: Address Validation Solutions

ICANN logoICANN is seeking information regarding commercial services that focus on global address validation.

The Request for Information is intended to educate ICANN organization and its contract parties on various tools in the marketplace that support physical address validation including geographic coverage, service availability and response times. The findings will assist with education and awareness of possible solutions that will be able to support our objectives to protect registrants and support greater accuracy of WHOIS information.

The RFI is scheduled to take place from 26 October 2017 through 27 November 2017.

For a complete overview of the RFI, please see here [PDF, 162 KB].

Indications of interest are to be received by emailing addressvalidation-rfi@icann.org. Proposals should be electronically submitted by 23:59 UTC on 27 November 2017 using ICANN‘s sourcing tool, access to which may be requested via the same email address above.

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