ICANN: Request for Proposal: Study About the DNS Industry and Business in Africa

ICANN logoICANN is seeking a provider to conduct a study on the domain name industry in Africa.

The goal of this study is to identify and define the strengths and weaknesses in the industry ecosystem within the region and develop recommendations on how to advance the industry and bring it closer to the opportunities available.

The ICANN‘s Africa Strategic Plan, reviewed in 2014, defined four key areas of interest as strategic focus for the region. Two of those, namely Capacity Building and Outreach and Economic Concerns consider the different areas and opportunities available to further develop the domain name industry in Africa.

The study at a minimum will:

  • Investigate the current state of the Internet and the domain name industry in the region
  • Define best practices that have made an impact in domain name market growth
  • Look at the broader ecosystem of the Internet infrastructure and online services and describe the impact of such elements on the overall evolution of the domain name industry
  • Describe the business potential in the domain name industry in Africa, and
  • Provide suggestions on how to develop the industry and what business models can be adopted in the entire industry chain.

The study will include data, analysis, and recommendations.

The final report of the study is to be delivered no later than 30th April 2016. An intermediary report should be provided in March 2015

For additional information and instructions for submitting responses please click here.

Proposals should be submitted to Yaovi.atohoun@icann.org by 23:59 UTC on 05 December 2015.

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