ICANN: Request for Information Issued on Proposed High Security Zone Verification Program

ICANN logoICANN is posting today a Request for Information (RFI) [PDF, 432 KB] on the proposed High Security Zone Verification Program (the “HSTLD Program”). The purpose of the RFI is to assist the ICANN community in understanding potential frameworks and approaches to evaluate new gTLD registries against the criteria in the draft HSTLD Program, determine where improvements to draft criteria and the overall program may be necessary to ensure its success, and to assess the viability of the proposed HSTLD Program.

ICANN, in cooperation with its community-led Advisory Group, has developed a proposed voluntary HSTLD Program consisting of control elements to increase security and trust in the Domain Name System (DNS) for those Top-Level Domain (TLD) registry operators that elect to participate in the program. This proposed program has been identified as one of nine measures intended to mitigate malicious conduct in new gTLDs.

For additional information about the HSTLD Program or the Advisory Group, please see the concept paper, Model for a High Security Zone Verification Program [PDF, 214 KB], the Public Archive of HSTLD Proceedings, and the Draft Program Development Snapshot #2- High Security Zone Top-Level Domain Advisory Group (HSTLD Advisory Group) [PDF, 771 KB]. Respondents should pay careful attention to Appendix A of Snapshot #2 [PDF, 343 KB] as it outlines potential control elements for registries, registrars and registrants in the proposed HSTLD Program.

Respondents are requested to reply to hstldrfi@icann.org by 21 October 2010. Questions about the RFI should be submitted to the same email address by 11 October 2010.

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