ICANN: Report on Public Comments on Draft FY17 Operating Plan and Budget and Five-Year Operating Plan Update Now Available

ICANN logoICANN has published its report on public comments [PDF, 1.83 MB] for the draft plans for FY17, including an update to its Five-Year Operating Plan.

The development process has included a 57-day public comment period, 35 days of response drafting, and several public calls held to review the comments received in-depth. ICANN has published a detailed report to respond to over 150 separate comments from 12 community groups and people. This is an increase of over 80% on the number of comments received for the draft FY16 plans.

The publication date for the report was changed from 31 May 2016 to 6 June 2016 so that ICANN was able to develop full responses to the comments provided. The report has been structured thematically and is accompanied by a sortable spreadsheet, to help readers find the comments and responses they are most interested in.

The budget is scheduled for adoption when the ICANN Board meets during ICANN56 in Helsinki.

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