ICANN releases toolkit for handling new TLDs

ICANN has released a toolkit for Web site designers and application developers to fix problems caused by recently added Internet addresses. Some Web sites and applications are rejecting addresses ending in newer Top-Level Domains such as “.mobi” or “.info,” causing inconvenience for users. ICANN’s toolkit includes a piece of code that fixes the problem by allowing applications to check the validity of an e-mail address or Web site against the “root-zone,” a master list where Web sites with certain TLDs can be looked up. That look-up translates the URL of a Web site from words into a numerical address that allows the page to be called up by a browser.An ICANN announcement is also available, with a link to the toolkit, by clicking here.See http://www.infoworld.com/article/07/04/27/HNicanntoolkit_1.html for the InfoWorld article.

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