ICANN Recognises Community Contributions in 2020

The ICANN Board, community, and organization are grateful for the community’s tireless efforts and cooperative spirit shown over the last year. The collaborative contributions that community members have made through our Supporting Organizations, Advisory Committees, and other groups are central to supporting ICANN’s mission. ICANN org is proud to help facilitate this work towards ensuring the security, stability, and resilience of the Internet.

Following the completion of a successful ICANN Virtual Annual General Meeting, ICANN acknowledged the vibrant role and critical impact of our community. On 22 October 2020, we celebrated the contributions of 45 community leaders from our Supporting Organizations, Advisory Committees, stakeholder groups, constituencies, and the 2020 Nominating Committee who concluded a term of service between ICANN66 and ICANN69. The ICANN Board of Directors passed a formal resolution to recognize these community leaders:

Jason SchillerAddress Supporting Organization Address Council
Omo OaiyaAddress Supporting Organization Address Council
Sarah KidenAfrican Regional At-Large Organization
Ali AlMeshalAsian, Australasian, and Pacific Islands Regional At-Large Organization
Bastiaan GoslingsAt-Large Advisory Committee
Humberto CarrascoAt-Large Advisory Committee
Javier Rúa-JovetAt-Large Advisory Committee
Tijani Ben JemaaAt-Large Advisory Committee
Hiro HottaCountry Code Names Supporting Organization
Ajay DataCountry Code Names Supporting Organization
Keith DrazekGeneric Names Supporting Organization
Darcy SouthwellGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Elsa SaadeGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Erika MannGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
James GannonGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Johan HelsingiusGeneric Names Supporting Organization
Martin Silva ValentGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Michele NeylonGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Rafik DammakGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Scott McCormickGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Chérif DialloGovernmental Advisory Committee
Nigel CassimireGovernmental Advisory Committee
Pär BrumarkGovernmental Advisory Committee
Annebeth LangeNominating Committee
Caroline GreerNominating Committee
Chris RoosenraadNominating Committee
Damon AshcraftNominating Committee
Erich SchweighoferNominating Committee
Kristine DorrainNominating Committee
Lawrence Olawale-RobertsNominating Committee
Paul MitchelNominating Committee
Stephanie PerrinNoncommercial Stakeholder Group
Bruna SantosNoncommercial Users Constituency
Joan KerrNot-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency
Wei WangPublic Technical Identifiers Board of Directors
Graeme BuntonRegistrars Stakeholder Group
Tobias SattlerRegistrars Stakeholder Group
Kristian ØrmenRegistrars Stakeholder Group
Donna AustinRegistries Stakeholder Group
Samantha DemetriouRegistries Stakeholder Group
Brad VerdRoot Server System Advisory Committee
Keith BluesteinRoot Server System Advisory Committee
Matt WeinbergRoot Server System Advisory Committee
Andrew de la HaijeSecurity and Stability Advisory Committee
Bobby FlaimSecurity and Stability Advisory Committee

ICANN thanks all our community leaders, past and present, for their dedication to ICANN’s mission and for their invaluable contributions.

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