ICANN Publishes Fourth Annual Update on the InterNIC Whois Data Problem Report System and Announces Whois Data Accuracy and Availability Audits

ICANN recently launched a new program to address Whois related compliance issues. The program includes an annual Whois data accuracy audit, ongoing monitoring of registrars’ Whois servers for functionality, and the annual publication of a statistical summary of information gathered from the Whois Data Problem Report System (WDPRS).This new program is designed to better pursue Whois compliance by gTLD registrars and improve Whois accuracy.The information describes existing ICANN efforts to address Whois issues; the purpose of the new program; detailed descriptions of the Whois audits that ICANN will commence over the course of calendar year 2007; and a detailed summary of WDPRS statistics for 2006.ICANN invites comments regarding this program as it continues to consider ways in which Whois-related compliance matters can be better addressed going forward.See http://icann.org/whois/whois-data-accuracy-program-27apr07.pdf for the report and further information.

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