ICANN Public Comment: Phased Allocation Program in .JOBS

ICANN logoICANN is today opening a public comment period on a proposed amendment from EmployMedia LLC to Appendix S of the .JOBS Registry Agreement

On 9 June 2010, ICANN posted for public information a request submitted by EmployMedia through the Registry Services Evaluation Process to offer a phased allocation program. The EmployMedia proposal and accompanying survey from SHRM are available at icann.org/en/registries/rsep/#201005.

As provided for by existing consensus policy (icann.org/en/registries/rsep/rsep.html), ICANN has undertaken a preliminary determination to determine whether the proposal might raise significant security or stability, or competition issues. ICANN’s determination is that the proposal did not raise such issues in .JOBS

The proposal requires an amendment to Appendix S of the .JOBS Registry Agreement, a copy of the proposed amendment is available here: icann.org/en/tlds/agreements/jobs/proposed-jobs-amendment-15jun10-en.pdf [PDF, 28 KB]. Comments on the proposed amendment submitted to jobs-phased-allocation@icann.org will be considered until 15 Jul 2010 23:59 UTC. Comments may be viewed at forum.icann.org/lists/jobs-phased-allocation/.

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