ICANN: Proposed Bylaws Amendments to Align Board Terms

ICANN logoPurpose (Brief): ICANN is seeking public comments on proposed Bylaws amendments drafted to align the terms of all Board members to begin at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting each year.

Currently, some Board member terms begin between around the time of a Mid-Year ICANN meeting (June) while those selected by the Nominating Committee begin just a few months later at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting. This requires two induction periods just months apart as well as two times per year when committee assignments and Board leadership may have to be reviewed. Under the proposed Bylaws amendments, all five voting Board members selected in any year would join the Board at the same time (along with the non-voting liaisons), which is expected to increase Board effectiveness and efficiency.

Public Comment Box Link: www.icann.org/en/news/public-comment/bylaws-amend-align-board-terms-18sep12-en.htm

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