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ICANN: Pre-Delegation Testing Documents Have Been Updated

ICANN new generic Top Level Domains logoICANN has made minor changes to the test resources to clarify the existing requirements. The majority of the changes are to the input templates, designed to improve the accuracy of the data submitted for testing and the applications success rate. Additionally, in response to applicant feedback, we have added the capacity to test the EPP service using the host name. The updated materials should not require any material changes for the applicants that have successfully completed PDT.

Customer Portal User Guide Created to Help Applicants Transition to Delegation

Learn how to navigate through Pre-Delegation Testing functionality in the New gTLD Customer Portal.

Understanding Pre-Delegation Testing


Pre-Delegation Testing ensures that an applicant has the capacity to operate a new generic Top-Level Domain in a stable, secure manner. Every new Registry must demonstrate that it has established operations in accordance with the technical and operational criteria described in the Applicant Guidebook (Module 5: Transition to Delegation). Only after passing PDT can a Registry’s gTLD be introduced into the root zone of the Internet.

Pre-Delegation Testing elements address DNS server operational infrastructure and registry system operations, including:

  • DNS
  • Whois
  • EPP
  • IDN
  • Data Escrow
  • Documentation
Pre-Delegation Test Preparation Resources
Please use these resources to help prepare your application/registry for PDT. Resources will be updated periodically; it is important to use the most recent versions.

PDT Materials Update Guide v.2.4 [PDF, 68 KB] (Published 18 April 2014)
Identifies which documents have been updated since the last release.

PDT FAQ v.2.2 [PDF, 171 KB] (Published 24 September 2013)
Answers general questions about the PDT process and requirements.

PDT System User Guide v.2.2 [PDF, 970 KB] (Published 13 February 2014)
A detailed guide for starting Pre-Delegation Testing after Evaluation has been completed. Includes links, screenshots and instructions.

PDT Input Data Instructions v.2.4 [ZIP, 1.9 MB] (Published 18 April 2014)
Applicants are strongly encouraged to read this document. Information on how to prepare for Pre-Delegation Testing.

PDT Input Data Templates v.2.4 [ZIP, 1.4 MB] (Published 18 April 2014)
A collection of templates applicants are required to use to upload technical information to the PDT system.

PDT Test Specification Summary v.1.7 [PDF, 87 KB] (Published 07 June 2013)

PDT Test Specifications v.2.4 [ZIP, 23.3 MB] (Published 18 April 2014)
Detailed test plans and cases that collectively make up Pre-Delegation Testing.

PDT Test Specification Changes v.2.3 to v.2.4 [ZIP, 303 KB] (Published 18 April 2014)
Each test specification document with changes tracked from v.2.3 to v.2.4

PDT Self-Test Tools

Customer Portal User Guide: Transition to Delegation [PDF, 2.18 MB]
Learn how to use the Customer Portal to conduct Pre-Delegation Testing.

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