ICANN Posts Revised Registry Agreement for Review

ICANN logoICANN has posted the latest revision of the previously posted “Revised New gTLD Registry Agreement” for the community’s information and review.

The revised Registry Agreement has been analysed by Domain Incite who notes the new version “makes it harder for ICANN to force new rules on registries without their consent, at least when compared to the version published in February.”

The latest version also includes concessions to dot-brand registries, making it harder to redelegate a dot-brand to another operator if the existing operator abandons the gTLD as well as more secrecy.

For more information see domainincite.com/12524-icann-tones-down-power-grab-in-new-gtld-contract and blog.icann.org/2013/04/revised-registry-agreement-posted-for-review.