ICANN Posts July 2010 to June 2013 Strategic Plan

ICANN logoICANN Strategic Plan July 2010 – June 2013 [PDF, 947 KB]

After extensive consultation with the community, including a workshop in Seoul as well as a first time ever survey conducted last Fall, the Strategic Plan [PDF, 947 KB] is being posted following its approval by the ICANN Board at its February meeting. In the joint communication from ICANN’s Chairman and CEO [PDF, 73 KB], it is noted that the Strategic Plan sets out ICANN’s priorities for the next three years and is used as the basis for shaping ICANN’s annual operating plan and budget. Details of the annual planning cycle can be found at icann.org/en/planning/.

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The ICANN CEO has also posted his comments on the Strategic Plan. He writes:

The ICANN meeting in Seoul was my first meeting as CEO, and coincided with the kickoff of the ICANN Strategic planning process, an essential basis for ICANN’s operational and budget planning process. Based on my experience with other organizations and Boards, I was interested in taking the planning processes of past years, and evolving it into an approach that identified key strategic focus areas that captured ICANN’s mission and mandate, namely:

  • DNS stability and security;
  • Consumer choice, competition and innovation;
  • IANA and core operations and
  • A healthy Internet eco-system.

To read the ICANN CEO’s comments on the Stratgic Plan in full on the ICANN blog, see: