ICANN Posts 2007 Annual Report

[news release] ICANN has released its second annual report, covering in detail the organization’s achievements and progress over the past 12 months.”I am delighted to announce the release of our second annual report,” said Dr Paul Twomey, ICANN’s President and CEO. “As an organization we have made great progress this year, both in terms of policy work and in the quality of our operations. We have also made great efforts in relation to transparency and accountability”.In addition to updates on the progress ICANN’s supporting organizations and advisory committees have made during 2007, the report also includes a section on the progress towards the completion of the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) with the United States Department of Commerce.”The JPA is in the midst of its scheduled mid-term review, and the annual report highlights that ICANN has achieved the responsibilities outlined in the Agreement,” Dr Twomey said”ICANN will also release documents in the near future that include its submission to the JPA review and I ask commenters to examine this documentation prior to making their own submissions,” Dr Twomey added.The complete annual report is available online at: icann.org/annualreport/annual-report-2006-2007.pdf [PDF, 1,927K]This news release is also available from icann.org/announcements/announcement-23dec07.htm

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