ICANN: Possible 'Next Steps' in Dispute Resolution

ICANN logoDocument released by ICANN for Public Notice
Following the posting of the Frameworks and Principles for Accountability and Transparency, ICANN published a document that countenances some possible additional improvements in dispute resolution mechanisms.
In response to feedback on accountability and transparency issues during the consultation process — especially feedback received during a workshop at ICANN’s Los Angeles meeting held in November 2007 — the ‘Next Steps’ document contains two ideas:
First, that the Board Governance Committee schedule a review of existing dispute resolution mechanisms to identify ways in which they may might provide even higher levels of accountability. This approach is inline with ICANN’s commitment to regularly review its structures.
Second, that in the context of the upcoming Board review, the possibility of a mechanism for the community to ask the Board to reconsider a decision be investigated, along with a mechanism to dissolve and reconstitute the Board should it engage in unethical or other misbehavior.
The document [PDF, 89K] is posted for public notice prior to final consideration by the Board.
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