ICANN ponders registrar crackdown

ICANN ponders registrar crackdown
Computer Business Review refers to the Registerfly.com “fiasco” and as a result, “ICANN is planning to review how it accredits and disciplines domain name registrars”. CBR comments on a statement by Paul Twomey that called “for decisive action to reform its standard Registrar Accreditation Agreement, to help protect domain customers.” Further, the article notes Twomey’s statement “appeared to call for ICANN to be given more powers to enforce registrar compliance with the RAA.” The general counsel of Go Daddy is in broad agreement with the statement, but suggested that ICANN could have done something about Registerfly earlier. The possible changes to Whois info is also discussed, with concerns about using “a company-affiliated ‘proxy’ registrant” instead of actual registrant data as unless Registerfly is willing to release the registration data, people can end up losing their domain names.

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