ICANN Ombudsman Announces Departure

Frank Fowlie imageThe ICANN Ombudsman Frank Fowlie has announced he will be leaving his position on or before 31 January 2011 while a successor to Fowlie has begun immediately.

Fowlie has been controversial in recent months following an alleged mid-air dispute that made news headlines in the domain name world. Whether this controversy had any impact on Fowlie’s decision to leave is not clear.

“After six years with ICANN, I have logged 794 days in travel status, or about two years and five months away from home,” said Fowlie in a statement announcing his departure to the ICANN staff. “It’s time for me to spend a bit more time at home with my wonderful wife.”

“Frank has been instrumental in establishing ICANN’s first online presence for the Ombudsman’s office,” said Peter Dengate Thrush, Chairman of the ICANN Board. “We wish him all the best and we will begin a search immediately to find a suitable successor.” Fowlie has agreed to stay at ICANN long enough to help with the transition of his successor.

The ICANN Ombudsman serves as an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) office for anyone in the ICANN community who may wish to lodge a complaint about a staff or board decision. The Ombudsman also hears grievances about any particular action or lack of action. The office is aimed at ensuring that members of the ICANN community have been treated fairly, while acting as an impartial officer.