ICANN: New-Look Meeting Participation Website Goes Live in Conjunction with New Delhi Schedule of Events

For those unable to make it to ICANN’s meeting in Delhi next month, ICANN have announced through the news release below they have a new improved website.The news release reads:
Colorful graphics and a modern design outfit this new-look website with improved functionality and usability for visitors. The site is not only an important resource for on-site meeting participants, but also an essential element for those who wish to participate remotely.The site, found at public.icann.org, went live today in conjunction with the schedule for next month’s meeting in New Delhi in order to provide an estimated 700 physical attendees and several hundred virtual visitors with all the information they need to participate in the event. The meeting will take place from 10-15 February 2008.The new design, which includes the use of graphics for improved site navigation, also provides easy access to meeting agendas, presentations, and transcripts; as well as links to chatrooms and audiocasts for remote users who want to listen in.So whether it’s in person, or in one of our meeting chatrooms – we hope to see you in New Delhi.The new home for everything you need to know about how to participate in ICANN, is found at public.icann.org.The New Delhi Meeting page and schedule are available at del.icann.org.Please send any questions or comments to meeting@icann.org.This news release was sourced from the ICANN website at icann.org/announcements/announcement-2-18jan08.htm

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