ICANN: New gTLDs – the latest

There are a number of new developments with respect to the new gTLD program ICANN has announced in this statement. Firstly, ICANN has put out a request for organizations interested in acting as dispute resolution providers for the new gTLD process to contact us. An important component of the proposed system for approving new top-level domains is the ability for people to register objections to others’ applications for particular strings, so those chosen to act as dispute resolvers will play a vital role. A “statement of work” [pdf] covers what exactly is required, and there is a deadline of 18 January.In expectation of far wider and greater interest in the new gTLD program as the policy development process draws to a close, we have also reformatted the dedicated webpage for the process to make it easier for people to follow events. You should be able find all you want to know about the new gTLD process there. If you find you still have questions, please feel free to contact ICANN and ask.More information on gTLDs and ICANN is available from http://icann.org/