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ICANN: New gTLD Applicant Update (5 September 2012)

Review of Applicant Support Program to Begin This MonthICANN created the Applicant Support Program to provide financial and non-financial assistance to qualifying new gTLD applicants. By the end of the application window we had received three applications that will now be reviewed by an independent Support Applicant Review Panel (SARP).The panel has five members – one from each of ICANN’s five regions – and it reflects diversity and balance in expertise, nationality, gender and profession. It includes senior individuals with direct experience in the developing world: managing registries, awarding grants, running small businesses and serving the public interest. They bring financial expertise and general knowledge of the domain name industry.Members come from the non-profit world, the private sector and government. They share a dedication to serving the global public interest, to promoting worldwide Internet access and competition, and to supporting new gTLD applicants from developing economies.Panelists are being trained right now and are expected to begin reviewing applications this month.Stay tuned for more updates on the Applicant Support Program in the coming weeks.New gTLD Applicants Attended Trademark Clearinghouse ForumDeloitte hosted a forum on 20-21 August that focused on the technical implementation of new gTLD trademark claims and sunrise processes. A number of prospective registry operators attended, along with a range of other interested parties. Topics included data locations, types of sunrise that a registry might wish to support, technical interfaces and availability requirements.For more information on the Trademark Clearinghouse, including the forum’s recorded sessions, click here: newgtlds.icann.org/en/about/trademark-clearinghouseVideo UpdateDid you notice our new video updates on the new gTLD microsite homepage? The first one describes the three ways you can provide feedback on applied-for strings or on the new gTLD program itself: application comments, objections, and program feedback.These videos are short and to the point, providing a quick overview on a single specific topic, and they show you where on the site you can learn more.Stay tuned for more in this series of informative video updates.Join us for the Next Applicant Update WebinarAs promised, we will be holding our next Applicant Update Webinar – Application Evaluation Progress – on 6 September at 12:00 UTC. Topics will include:

  • Information and updates on the initial evaluation progress
  • An update on development of a batching/metering solution
  • Information on upcoming program processes and milestones
  • New gTLD sessions planned for the Toronto meeting

We know this will be a popular event, and we are working hard to accommodate all those who would like to attend. Though you do not need to RSVP, right now space is limited to the first 250 participants.Our IT department is working to increase that number and there is a chance we will be able to accommodate more in time for this webinar. But if not, by the next one we will definitely be able to accommodate anyone who wants to join.The webinar page of the new gTLD microsite has all the details you need on how to access the webinar. If you miss it, don’t worry! It will be recorded and posted to the site for later viewing.If you would like to submit questions prior to the webinar, or if there is a topic you would like discussed in future webinars, please email us at newgTLDcommunications@icann.orgThis ICANN update was sourced from: