ICANN Nairobi Meeting Gets Board Approval

In its latest meeting on the issue, the ICANN board decided on Friday that they will proceed with plans to hold their 37th meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, after considering all the security issues that have been raised in recent weeks.

As part of its considerations, the ICANN board was advised that there will be enhanced security measures during the meeting. However for those not attending the board has vowed to have enhanced remote participation tools.

ICANN also asked all those who are currently registered to cancel their registration if they were unable to attend last Tuesday (15th). Between Tuesday and Thursday there had been 72 cancellations and 23 new registrations. Overall registrations as of Thursday were 738.

ICANN staff will be actively monitoring the security situation in Nairobi up to and through the meeting. While ICANN will not be posting regular updates between now and the meeting, any significant new news will be promptly posted on the ICANN Nairobi meeting website at nbo.icann.org.