ICANN looks to future after JPA ends

ICANN logoHow ICANN will function following the expiry of its current Memorandum of Understanding with the US Department of Commerce is discussed in this article from IDG. ICANN has made some suggestions to the Department of Commerce including that it should become independent of the department when the current Joint Project Agreement (JPA) expires.

Justifying this, ICANN says it has “made significant improvements in accountability, transparency, and other issues since the Commerce Department renewed the agreement in September 2006, said Paul Levins, ICANN’s executive officer and vice president of corporate affairs. ICANN’s goal after the Commerce Department agreement ends, he said, is to expand a global governance model that allows input from a broad range of Internet communities.

“What we’re trying to do is ensure that the accountablities that the organization has now, the responsibilities to all the stakeholders, are locked in place forever,” Levins said Friday. “We want to try to lock in the existing model over the long term.”

However others such as Thomas Lenard, president and senior fellow at conservative think tank iGrowthGlobal suggest the JPA should remain in place to maintain accountability, while the Center for Democracy and Technology and TechNet, a trade group representing tech senior executives, both advocated for a continued agreement with the Commerce Department.

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